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SlushPup - Degreaser Shampoo - 10L

SlushPup - Degreaser Shampoo - 10L

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A powerful degreaser that's gentle on your pets' skin and your hands. Removes all buildup and residues on the hair without disrupting skin pH. 

Our bamboo extract offers a plethora of benefits!
With its rich silica and biotin content, it's great for strengthening hair follicles and promoting healthy hair growth. Its cleansing properties and ability to promote moisture retention make it ideal for sensitive skin. The antioxidants and nutrients packed in the extract further enhance its overall effectiveness and makes it an amazing natural ingredient to our shampoos line ! 

Apply to damp or wet coat, lather thoroughly, and rinse. Repeat as needed and use a conditioner for optimal results.

Blue Rasberry Slushy Fragrance 

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