Nü Petcare was born of a deep passion for animal welfare, science, holistic approaches and a return to nature. This is reflected into the creation of exceptionally high quality, highly effective care and well-being products, specially designed to meet the particular metabolic needs of our beloved pets.

Nü Petcare, physical & mental health, right down to the paw! Whether it's for feeding, behavior, grooming or meeting your pet's needs, Nü Petcare can advise and help you.

Growing up on a farm, I always knew I would work with animals. Although I felt a great connection with nature, there was something missing. I worked in a veterinary clinic, started my own projects with my animals and, most importantly, helped out in shelters, most notably the SPCA. Then I started obedience training, first with aversive methods and then with positive reinforcement. Behavior seminars, grooming training, holistic care courses, internships and workshops - I've done them all, and I've always wanted more. By combining science and nature, I knew I'd found my calling.

The Nü Petcare motto: Nature has everything we need, we just have to listen... and share it!