Cattery history

My relationship with animals began as a child, when I lived on a farm with over 25 cats! It was there that I discovered the incredible bond between humans and animals. This experience awakened in me a passion for their well-being, behavior and health.

A few years ago, I developed severe allergies to cats, which limited my ability to live alongside them. It was in this context that I discovered the Sphynx, a breed of naked, wrinkled cats that look like little aliens. Despite their unofficial reputation for hypoallergenicity, I noticed that I tolerated their presence well, so I welcomed my first Sphynx. I was won over by their endearing personalities and their deep bond with humans.

It was in 2010 that I decided to concentrate on breeding this breed, not only because of my allergies, but also because of their exceptional temperament and bewitching charm.

My Nü Era cattery was born and has become an extension of my passion, a way of combining my knowledge of genetics and animal health with my love for these special cats. Each litter is an adventure, where I strive to ensure the health and well-being of each kitten, while sharing the joy of watching them grow and develop.

Over the years, my breeding has developed with meticulous attention to the health, well-being and socialization of each kitten. In addition to breeding, my passion for Sphynx led me to develop my own line of care products specially designed for hairless pets, in collaboration with Sophie Caron of Tout Naturellement. This initiative was born of my desire to offer owners of hairless pets effective and safe solutions for grooming and well-being.

My passion for genetics and responsible breeding continues to guide my decisions. My breeding is the fruit of a deep passion, unshakeable determination and unconditional love for felines.

I'm delighted to share this adventure with you and hope you come to appreciate the charm of Sphynx as much as I do.