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What makes a good breeder? How do you choose one? Make up your own mind.

A good cat breeder is dedicated, passionate, responsible and competent. They focus on the health, well-being and socialization of their kittens, while being open and transparent with future owners.

Here are a few key characteristics of a good breeder you'll find at Nü Era that make our cattery a responsible and ethical breeding operation that takes the well-being of its animals to heart:

In-depth knowledge of the breed: a good breeder has specific expertise in the breed he's raising. He or she is familiar with the breed's physical and behavioral characteristics and understands the specific needs of these cats.

Good breeding practices: a good breeder follows responsible and ethical breeding practices. This includes clean and safe facilities, proper nutrition, access to exercise and regular veterinary care.

Health testing and breeding stock selection: a good breeder carries out appropriate health tests on breeding stock to detect potential genetic and health problems. He selects healthy breeding stock with positive breed characteristics that will produce healthy kittens with good genetics, immunity and a long guarantee.

Early socialization: a good breeder socializes kittens from an early age. They are exposed to different people, environments and experiences to foster healthy sociability.

Vaccinations and health care: a good breeder provides the necessary veterinary care, including vaccinations, deworming, neutering and other appropriate treatments to keep kittens healthy.

Our kittens will be vaccinated at least 2 times before they leave, and will not leave before 14-16 weeks to ensure that their health and immune systems are adequate and that they have received all the care they need to get off on the right foot. Our kittens are also dewormed, neutered and microchipped. We provide close follow-up and a minimum 30-day veterinary insurance policy with Trupanion.

Respect for the cats' well-being: a good breeder considers the cats' emotional and physical well-being above all else. He does not overload his breeding stock and avoids excessive inbreeding.

Transparency and communication: a good breeder is open and transparent. He willingly answers potential buyers' questions and provides detailed information on kittens, breeding stock and breeding practices.

Follow-up and support: a good breeder offers follow-up and support to new kitten owners throughout their lives. He or she is ready to help when needed and remains available to answer questions.

Commitment to breed improvement: a good breeder is committed to improving the breed he breeds by aiming for high quality standards and working to produce kittens with better health and characteristics than previous generations.

All our kittens are TICA (The International Cat Association) and CCC (Chats Canada Cat) registered. You'll find all these characteristics at our Nü Era cattery. The breeder's knowledge, veterinary care, quality food, guarantees, administrative management and follow-up explain why the price of a kitten is $1500 and more, depending on certain criteria. If some people don't meet these criteria, they may not be there for the right people. Take the time to do your research, talk to the breeder, ask for a tour of the premises and also ask your veterinarian for advice. A good breeder is there to improve his breed, he sells four-legged love and his professionalism and experience are worth their weight in gold when choosing your future companion who will be part of your family throughout his life.