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What is R+?

Positive reinforcement techniques are training methods based on the science of conditioning. Rather than punishing and intimidating, R+ proposes reinforcement and communication.

By eliminating correction and better understanding the animal's motivations and needs, Nü Petcare opens the way to a whole new way of understanding and getting your canine friend to understand you.

  • R+ is more than "giving treats", it's about reinforcing our dogs' desired behaviors.
  • R+ is more than ignoring bad behavior, it's about managing the environment and avoiding involuntary reinforcement of undesirable behavior.
  • R+ is more than bribing your dog, it's building a relationship based on trust and communication.
  • R+ is more than letting your dog "win", it's about understanding and listening, so you can work better with him.

All methods using positive reinforcement have been tried and tested over and over again on all types of cases, all types of breeds and all types of dogs, many times and for many years, whether you have treats or not. Thanks to its extensive training and unique philosophy, Nü Petcare offers more than just training courses, it's the key to a better relationship, better understanding and better manners. In short, a better life!