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Wiggle Bumz

Wigglebumz- Aztec Turquoise -DC002

Wigglebumz- Aztec Turquoise -DC002

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Our collars are Hand made with love, care & a great knowledge of dogs & their needs. Made from cotton interfacing pressed fabric. Heavier, stronger lining soft on your dogs skin / coat. High end, durable, sturdy hardware that won’t let you down when you need it the most as our warranty assures it! Fun, stylish & unique patterns so you can choose & show off your companions true colours

-This is what Wigglebumz is all about!

How to take your dog measurements :

     1 : Neck circumference

     2: Head circumference

* make sure the width of the collar is big enough for your dogs head circumference when you pick a martingale


2"  1.5"  1"  3/4" 

Neck Circumferences

13" to 21" 11" to 17" 10" to 17" 10" to 17"
weights 175g 125g 65g 40g


Styles  Description Example
Sturdy Plastic Clip Regular everyday collars with a strong & sturdy clip , stylish & fun, plastic or metal clip ( + $5) is available
Martigale This type of collar provides more control without hurting or punishing your dog. The limited slip will tightened around its neck under tension, but will not have the “chocking effect” a metal choke collar would. They are often used in the Greyhound world and among R+ trainers/educator. Tho collar is slipped into the dogs head/neck & the lead can be clipped on the restraining or the regular loop. Very clever for slick fugitives who backs off their collar to get away




Infinity For those who prefer a sleek look, often bought in a slimmer ( 3/4” / 1” ) size for dog shows or a regular day. Avoid damaging your dog’s coat and keep it stylish! The infinity collar also slips into the dogs neck/head.

***Please specified the Style of your choice in the comments box at Checkout***

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